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The current paper describes the marketing plan for a new Johnny D Bar that will be a bar located on Rivington Street in Shoreditch area, London. The paper discusses such issues as competition, objectives, promotion analysis, SWOT analysis, SMART objectives, PESTLE analysis, conclusion and other key points, which are essential when opening a bar. The goal of the paper is to create a detailed project of the marketing promotion of the bar. It is important to consider a variety of steps in order to achieve high profitability and popularity among the visitors of the bars in Shoreditch area.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the bar will be to satisfy the customer, to whom it will offer a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as a certain number of fresh-cooked dishes. All this will be served in the unforgettable atmosphere of the first half of the 20th century in the USA when the mafia prospered. Moreover, Johnny D Bar will organize Mafia Games evenings, when customers will be able to spend their free time playing exciting games, which will make them forget about the time and reality. The bar will aim to maintain high profitability so that it can serve the customers for many years more.

Vision Statement

Johnny D Bar will do everything possible to be a leading bar in Shoreditch area so that customers associate it with delicious food, high-quality drinks, and unique atmosphere, where they can enjoy the time with friends.

Service Description

Johnny D Bar is a thematic bar located in the Shoreditch area. It will be decorated according to the style of the beginning of the 20th century in America when mafia had a great influence on the country’s life. The name of the bar is chosen in honor of John Dillinger, a famous gangster of that time. All the furniture, dishes and other stuff will be designed according to the style. The walls will be decorated with the photos of John Dillinger and other famous Mafiosi. The bar will serve traditional drinks and meals at that time. Customers will enjoy jazz, blues, country and folk music listening to such singers as Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, and others. Moreover, live music will be performed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. Another feature of the bar will be separate rooms for table games, including Mafia, Monopoly, and others.

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Marketing Mix (7P)


Johnny D Bar will offer several different services for customers such as serving high quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as fresh-cooked delicious food and ensuring a big choice of table games, which will include Mafia, card games and others. Today, there are many restaurants and bars where people can eat and drink. Johnny D Bar will be a place, where people come for something more. A variety of decorating details like old American-styled furniture and dishes, live jazz and blues, special events and parties will make a visitor enjoy his/her time and come back again.


Price is an important characteristic, which forms the customer’s opinion about the place. The highest prices might scare a great number of customers while the low ones might make them doubt the quality. Thus, Johnny D Bar is going to make the prices a little higher than the average ones. For example, a pint of beer will cost 3-4 pounds and a beefsteak will cost 15 pounds. Moreover, the bar will provide the most loyal customers with discount cards and the menu will contain several special group offers and pre-order discounts, which will help the visitors save some money.


The bar will use different promotion methods, which will include billboards, advertising on the radio and online newspapers. Moreover, much attention will be paid to digital marketing, which will include promotion through social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others.

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Johnny D Bar will be located in the historical center of London, in Shoreditch area, which is famous for its bars and restaurants and has always attracted musicians, artists as well as financiers and lawyers, who are potential customers. Locals and tourists come to this part of the city to find a place where they can have an exciting and interesting evening, and Johnny D Bar will be a good place to choose.


The employees in Johnny D Bar will have styled uniform. All the staff will be exceptionally polite and patient to every customer. The chef will be a person with a wide experience in traditional American cuisine as well as the modern European one. There will be a meeting manager at the entrance, who will accompany the customers to their tables.


The cooking process will be visible to the customers, as the kitchen will be separated from the main area by the glass walls. Moreover, the visitors will be allowed to go there and check the process by themselves. The staff will use only fresh food. In case there are any doubts regarding the freshness, it will be thrown away.

Physical Evidence

Johnny D Bar will be furnished with high-quality ecological furniture and branded crockery. The place will be designed so that the customer will feel him/herself respected and valued.

Target Market and Potential Customers

Johnny D Bar potential customers will be people aged between 18 and 40. The location of the bar will be favorable to attract this category. According to Census statistics, Shoreditch area is inhabited mostly by people aged between 20 and 24 (13.3%), 25 and 29 (17.7%) as well as 30 and 44 (29.2%) (LBH Policy and Partnerships, 2014). Moreover, Mike Watson (n.d.) states that the area is nowadays a center of the art world in London. The majority of the artists are usually of young and middle age, which are the target category of people for Johnny D Bar. Watson (n.d.) also mentions that Shoreditch is full of different restaurants, bars, galleries, squat parties, and other art places. Thus, when looking for a place to spend time, people are likely to come to this area and become visitors of Johnny D Bar. According to Yelp (n.d.), there are at least 8 colleges nearby, students of which may also visit the bar, as they usually like beer and table games.


As it was mentioned above, the Shoreditch area contains a big number of restaurants and bars. On the one hand, it attracts people, but, on the other hand, it creates a strong competition. Charlotte Lily Prior (2011) in her research highlights the top-ten most-liked restaurants in Shoreditch, which include Hawksmoor, Busaba Eathai, The Drunken Monkey, Zigfrid Von Underbelly, Beach Blanket Babylon and others. It is worth to mention that the American style restaurant The Blues Kitchen, which serves live jazz, blues, and jam sessions, is among the main competitors. It is located five-minute walk from the place where Johnny D Bar will be located. Thus, it is very important to create a perfect bar to prevent visitors from going elsewhere. However, the research shows that there are no restaurants or bars in the area that offer a big variety of table games, which will be a great advantage.


The goal of any business is profit. Johnny D Bar is not an exception. The first goal will be to return the invested capital in two years. The goal for the third year will be to achieve at least 10000 pounds per month income. The fourth-year aim is planned to be up to 15000 pounds per month. Moreover, it is important for the bar to get into top-20 bars and restaurants of Shoreditch area in a year after opening, and into top-10 by the end of the second year of its running. These goals are achievable due to the exclusiveness of the services, meals, and drinks that Johnny D Bar will offer.

Promotion Details

It is important to choose the right promotion strategy in order to attract visitors before opening the bar and hold them after this. The major aim of the promotion before the opening of Johnny D Bar will be the creation of excitement. This strategy will be used in all marketing directions. The company will rent billboards in the area near the bar, in the crowded areas of the city, and in the shopping malls. A month before the grand opening, there will be a black background with the phrase: “Do you want to feel a real jazz atmosphere of the beginning of the 20th century? It will be possible soon…” A week before the opening, there will be a black and white background (the same as used at the invitation card) with the inscription “Feel a real jazz atmosphere on 10 Livingston Street on Saturday, February, 21.”

Moreover, it was chosen to put the emphasis on digital marketing. It is necessary to create accounts on popular social networking websites, including Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. Before the opening, it will contain the same information as billboards. After that, there will be full information about the bar, its menu, and recent photos of visitors. Moreover, there will be coupons and promotion codes for free drinks.

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Later, it is planned to make the bar a location for watching movies. There is a variety of movies produced in England. As soon as it will be known that there is going to be a film related to the beginning of the 20th century, mafia and jazz, the company will offer the bar to become a film set for free. In turn, one will get free promotion of Johnny D Bar.

Opening Schedule



01.01.2015 – 01.31.2015


02.01.2015 – 02.14.2015

Teamwork training

02.15.2015 – 02.20.2015

Ordering food and preparing the menu for the grand opening


Grand opening

SMART Objectives

SMART objectives are the kind of strategy and guiding principles for the operation of the business. Johnny D bar is not an exception, and it has set its own SMART goals.

S – Johnny D Bar aims to achieve year income of 120000 pounds on the third year of its work.

M – 10000 pounds per month in the third year of work will indicate that the target will be achieved until the end of the year.

A – Weekly discount coupons will be posted on social media accounts of the bar in order to attract more clients. Moreover, the staff will have monthly training for their services to be exceptional. There was a series of training before the opening of the bar; however, the services of Johnny D bar have to be always exceptional in order not to lose existing clients and attract new ones.

R – In order to achieve the goal of year income of 120000 pounds in two years, during the second year of operation, the monthly income of the bar should reach 7000 pounds.

T – The training will start from April, 1 and each month 4 employees will attend them. Thus, in 4 months all employees will finish training and will have to pass the exam.

SWOT Analysis



· New style to the Shoreditch area

· Authentic American cuisine and a big choice of drinks

· Well-trained staff

· Unique themed design

· Live themed music

· Game rooms and a big choice of table games

· Transparent kitchen

· Area famous for bars

· New and little-known bar

· Limited funding

· Poor parking facilities



· Create a franchise for the bar and sell it

· Poaching customers from the nearest bars and restaurants

· Appearance of the bar in the movie

· Strong competition

· Another American restaurant located nearby

· Economic situation is getting worse

Pricing Strategies

Price is one of the most important issues that define the loyalty of the customers. Thus, Johnny D Bar will carefully choose the price for every item in the menu in order not to overprice or underprice it. A pint of beer will cost 3-4 pounds while the prices of meat dishes will vary from 10 to 20 pounds. The bar will also serve exclusive American whiskey to the lovers of this drink. The prices may vary according to the government’s tax policies. Another issue that may influence the price is permission to sell alcoholic beverages around the clock. Johnny D Bar will also offer the customers a variety of promotions including membership discount cards, group offers, and pre-order discounts.

PESTLE Analysis



· Licensing Act 2003 makes it hard to receive permission to sell alcohol 24 hours a day

· High tax on alcohol, which has been raising for the last 20 years

· Economic situation in the United Kingdom and abroad is getting worse, and, as a result, people can spend less on entertainment

· Government increased floor price on alcohol

· Fuel is getting cheaper



· Shoreditch is famous for a big number of bars, restaurants, galleries, and other entertainment facilities

· Population of the city is increasing

· Young population prevails in the venue

· Alcohol consumption is constantly rising

· Popularization of social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and others

· Famous alcohol brands are getting more advertised through the Internet and media



· Prohibition of smoking

· Recycling


The current paper provides a detailed marketing plan for a new Johnny D Bar. The bar is named after a famous gangster John Dillinger. The style of the bar will reflect the beginning of the 20th century in the USA. All the key issues, including SMART objectives, mission and vision statements, PESTLE analysis, SWOT analysis, promotion details, objectives, competition, target market and potential customers, marketing mix, service description are discussed.

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