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Modern IT environments are striving to monitor and manage the influx of logical, virtual and business information. Various strategies are used to limit the effects of information overload. Analysts commonly use visualizations to explore different network elements and their properties and relationships. However, these visualizations do not solve the problem completely as they are also overloaded with information. An analysis of the requirements for interaction and navigation is addressed in this article. A perspective centered on work-flow is used. A comparison between the user’s information requirements and the capabilities of current visualization tools is done.

Methods of data collection used in this article include interviews; whereby various IT professionals were interviewed concerning the role of visualization tools in their daily work. The paper further involves the reader more directly by providing a sample prototype that presents a way for users to navigate and explore the IT infrastructure. Modules covered in the infrastructure include traditional visualizations that can be expanded on demand. A background of the IT infrastructure is also covered in detail. This helps the reader understand the cumbersome task involved in managing and regulating the flow of information. Different views of how the infrastructure appears to different people are also studied.

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Research on visualization systems and preferred alternatives to the traditional representation methods is also discussed. The issues presented and discussed in the text have been combined from the point of view of navigation and interaction with visualization systems. With different companies being interviewed, a basic objective was set to analyze and compare the usability results obtained. Brainstorming sessions with usability experts were also held to help compile the report. These sessions played an important role in determining how the tools used in the IT industry support their everyday work. The results of the undertaking are presented in the article as well as provision of proposed designs to meet user needs.

Overcoming Information Overload in the Enterprise

The purpose of this article is to analyze the difficulties that knowledge workers in every organization face in their productivity. This is mainly attributed to the information management tools adapted by the organization. Since the backbone of every business is a reliable information system, exploitation of the available online information is essential for the global success of a firm. The main challenge of most firms is how to manage the available information to their profit. For this reason, an analysis that provides an effective way to manage the information is studied in this section. The aim of the research is to provide effective ways for information sharing, dissemination and studying user behavior to leverage the firm.

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To effectively carry out the above tasks, understanding the information needs of users is essential before the implementation of information sharing. Proper understanding of information requirements is essential to managing information processes. This knowledge enables information workers to adhere to a specific mode of communication. They also access social networking site to access the information they need. Relevant tools are also used that help in overcoming the challenges. Background knowledge is also important to effectively initiate an active knowledge workspace.

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To effectively understand the need for information sharing, this article analyzes a case study further where the Active technology is applied to BT context. It provides ways on how to improve information sharing while developing customer proposals. Various ways such as contextualized information delivery have been addressed in this article to help enterprises overcome information overload. With businesses increasingly acknowledging the benefits and importance of giving support to knowledge workers, different methods are put in place to enhance this undertaking. The article has focused on studying the Active project, and how information management must be integrated into existing enterprise tools to effectively manage information within an organization

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