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A strategic plan indicates one’s strategy, objectives, direction, and the means of achieving goals. Various establishments and individuals, including management of government agencies, nonprofit organizations, or universities use strategic planning. In particular, a strategic plan can be used during the election campaign, stating and elaborating a plan of action, which outlines the candidates’ manifesto, and ways to accomplish it for their advantage. The main goal of the strategy would be to conquer the opponent. In 2016, there will be the US presidential election, which makes the issue of strategic planning rather relevant. Hillary Clinton is currently running for the presidency on a Democratic Party ticket. To guarantee success in the forthcoming election campaign, there is a need to employ several mechanisms as part of her strategic plan.

Vision and Mission Development

The mission statement for the election campaign will be “Make Your Vote Count, Choose Experience”. The strategic vision will be “Yes, We Can; Yes, Women Can!”. The choice of the vision and mission statements revolved around Hillary Clinton’s past political experience and the women factor in the next general elections. It is notable that Hillary Clinton has a 7-term experience as a senator, several years as a foreign affairs secretary, and 8 years as the first lady of Bill Clinton.

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Objectives Establishment

The primary objective is to win the 2016 presidential election by using as little money as possible on the campaigns. The team plans to bring on board the current president, Barrack Obama, as a secret consultant. It also aims at making the greatest impact on the citizens of the US with the help of the advertisement strategy. Our team has come up with a policy that we intend to fulfill through television and social media once Hillary Clinton is elected. The choice of these platforms depended on the ability to reach as many people as possible.

In particular, we aim at improving health care, bringing up a government that is responsive to the needs of the people, and reducing taxes. Our team also plans to use the killing of Osama bin Laden as a stepping stone for the Democrat candidate. We have also organized a special committee in charge of reacting to the opponent’s claims and giving advice to Mrs. Hillary Clinton. On top of our objectives is the women factor. We want to convince the American people that since time immemorial, two groups of people have greatly suffered, including African-Americans and women. Nevertheless, America is close on its way of the realization of equality in America, as the African-American president has ruled the US for a period of 2 terms. Now, it is high time for a woman to lead the US. Finally, we further aim at bringing all the people of America together, namely the African-Americans, the Native Americans, whites, men, and women (Lawrence & Ross, 2010).

Through the unity, Hillary Clinton will easily consolidate the votes and emerge the winner. Our team will tactfully criticize Donald Trump’s ideas, especially his past statements that he does not like women. For instance, he has been reported on several occasions calling women as pigs and dogs. Therefore, our team is prepared to focus on these criticisms leveled against Tramp to give Hillary Clinton an upper hand in the race. The great leadership of the Obama administration will also take the center stage in our campaign since Hillary Clinton is a Democrat.

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Hillary Clinton’s Strategy Implementation

Regarding the vast experience of Hillary Clinton, our team proposes to discredit Donald Trump as lacking any executive know-how. Understanding America’s politics starts with the foreign policies in which only Clinton has experience. We will encourage reporters to ask Donald Trump as many questions as possible, touching on the American foreign policy to discredit him. Our committee will also emphasize that due to the lack of experience in Congress, Trump is not conversant with the most pertinent issues affecting common citizens.

Sun Tsu argues that a strategic plan can be achieved through the variation and comprehension of the situation (Lee & Myers, 2004). Our committee is preparing to change our tactics from now to ensure Clintons wins. In particular, the advertising strategy of Hillary Clinton’s campaign will encompass the use of several media. A mixture of the television broadcast, the Internet, and newspapers will be the most preferred. Our team plans to reach out to many people over social media by inviting them to like or follow Hillary Clinton via her Facebook or Twitter accounts. Social media, particularly, are a great target as the majority of people spend the most part of their lives on these platforms. The social media are also important because a large network of Clinton’s supporters may be created. Therefore, we plan to reach people by establishing a large network of people on social media platforms. We also intend to change Clinton’s photos on social media to keep citizens updated.

Our social media advertising team will comprise eminent experts in computer technology and psychology. Thus, we will be inviting computer experts and professional sociologists to assist us in the advertisements on social media platforms. Particularly, the Facebook campaign page will not be Clinton’s personal account but rather an account run by the social media committee campaign team.

Money is a key tool for any campaign (Tichy, 1983). Hence, under our financial strategy, we will bring on board reputable professional accountants and professional event planners to reduce the costs. We intend to run Clinton’s campaign on a very minimal budget, which will encompass Clinton’s savings, donations from supporters and well-wishers, and other money solicited by the fundraising team. As per now, our campaign expenses stand at 2 billion US dollars for the whole period. Therefore, we are inviting our team ambitious people, ready to assist the team in meeting its financial objectives.

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In reacting to our critics as a counterattack operation, our team has set up a special committee composed of highly experienced people both in politics and outside. Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton will be among individuals, who will give advice to the team on how to respond to critics. The team will also be tasked with coming up with a high intelligence report about the critics for proper response. If criticisms are left to the pile, they will significantly jeopardize the campaign process; thus, they should be faced with urgency (Tichy, 1983).

Furthermore, the fundamental question, which many people are asking, is how Hillary Clinton will beat Donald Trump during the debates. Our team has come up with a team of eminent experts to try and brainstorm over issues touching on America, including foreign affairs issues, health care, taxation, and social security. These are the most fundamental services to ordinary citizens in America; thus, there is a need to pay proper attention to them while debating. Whoever manages to convince the people over these issues will stand out as the best candidate. Our team is in thorough preparations because we understand the value of the debate. During this event, the candidates air their views, objectives, and ways of implementation. Therefore, should one be defeated, they would have lost in the elections. Our competent economist and health experts will be preparing authentic documents regarding the state of the economy and health care in the US. The team will then give the same information to Hillary Clinton who will use it in her arguments during the debate.

Finally, our team is preparing a wave that will cause a revolution in American politics. Namely, we are selling a woman as the best candidate for the US now. As mentioned earlier, throughout history, the African-Americans and women have always been discriminated in the US. Since Barrack Obama has become the first African-American president ever, it is high time for a female president to run the country (Lawrence & Ross, 2010). We plan to do a thorough campaign aimed at ending discrimination by electing a woman. If the wave gains momentum, Hillary Clinton will become the next US president.

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Hillary Clinton is so optimistic about her campaign. The boldness gives her the burning spirit that she would win the election. Such a positive mentality enables her to give a spirited fight for her candidature in spite of the challenges she might be encountering. Equally, being optimistic allows her to believe in herself. The optimism in return makes her believe that nothing is impossible and hence, she can achieve her mission (Sonenshein, 2010). It also enables her to be in a position to distinguish between politics and governance. In such a case, she could outline her manifest clearly to the electorate. Thus, it makes her a notch higher as compared to her opponent.


The implementation of the strategic plan depends on the commander and his intention to realize his plan. Therefore, the leader, in this case, Hillary Clinton has to be optimistic to achieve the intended policy.

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