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The Express Tribune Police hope to locate by Monday (today) the family, who allegedly tortured their 15-year-old housekeeper to death. By Rameez Khan / Aroosa Shaukat

After the death of the housekeeper, police embarked to determine the death cause. According to Muhammad Waseem, Assistant Sub Inspector, the Express Tribune, several places had been raided in order to bring to book the killers (LLC, 1988). The cause of torture was linked to theft allegations that put against the housekeeper. After killing the girl, they took her dead body to her parents and linked her death to a downfall from the house stairs. The father rejected the claim and registered a FIR against her employees. According to the police reports on the death, there was evidence that the girl had been tortured as her body was full of bruises and injuries (Hoover & Myers, 1934).

The housekeeper’s death attracted strong reactions from the child rights activists. According to child rights protection this was the17th case against the domestic child workers since 2010. It is evident that these cases have not been forwarded to the court but have been solved casually. The association stated that victim families were pressured to settle such cases out of court (Ask, 2010). The association agreed in its statement that workers have been exploited in many ways. The association’s message also showed that these domestic workers were being underpaid. The area mostly affected by these domestic workers violence was in the Arabian territories where the salary for these workers ranged from Rest 1500 to Rest 2000 per month.

Research has shown that these housekeepers are linked to the employers by intermediaries. In death cases, these intermediaries are forced by the employers to tell housekeeper’s parents that their child is going to visit them. As a result, there is a great deal of prolonged periods of violence that went unnoticed by the family members. Twenty nongovernmental organizations in the Arab countries where domestic violence cases are rampant advocate that child’s labor should be included in the list of banned occupations on the basis of hazard (Museum, 2010).

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Jeddah: Arab News Friday 28 September 2012

An arrest notice was made to maid who allegedly depicted a 4-year-old child of her employer. The maid was left to take care of the child as it was one of the key obligations of domestic workers. According to reports, the maid had been working for the family for several years (Awaleh, 1988). It is evident that trust given to these domestic workers ceased. As a result, a lot of violence and rebellions against their actions will be rampant.

It is clear from the reports given in relation to this case that maids migrate to the employer’s countries illegally, and they lack visas. This shows that these domestic workers can leave at any time after committing a crime and will go unnoticed barring justice on the affected parties. Although employers oblige the care of their houses to these domestic workers, it is clear they do it at a risk. They learn to be careful when signs of psychological illness or inability become vivid (Gulaid & Institute., 1985).

According to the domestic workers, employees first examine their behavior to determine what they are capable of doing. This is a hard task although it works in most cases.

As time passes the bond between the employer and the employee tightens although they are not entrusted with full trust. Many views have been given out by women employers on the issues of maid. It is clear that they opt to leave or go with their children rather than leave them with domestic workers. The tactic they use to determine the behavior of these domestic workers is a close examination of their tempers based on how they talk to the children in the house. Domestic workers have been linked with selfishness and people who care for themselves in the end.

Psychologists’ comments are linked to the domestic workers who beat or kill kids. They stated that a close evaluation of these crimes had a link to mental trouble as well as hostile personalities. The personality evaluation shows that these workers are good at first sight, but deep inside they are full of hatred and detestation is expressed through violence. Reiteration of the inhuman and violent actions has resulted in alternative methods of bringing up children such as taking them to day care services located near the homesteads rather than leaving them for long hours with the maids.

As a positive move towards the establishment of day care services, a web site is created as a first step towards the establishment of these centers. These centers will reduce violence in the homesteads and at the same time ensure safety of the children who often fall victim to the loss of temper of their domestic wotrkers.

In respect to the aforesaid cases, it is clear that the effects of the maid depend on the duties she handles and the role that t she plays. These duties include taking care of children, houses cleaning and others. These children adapt to different educational values and psychological effects. They are subjected to customs and cultures that are different from theirs.. Additionally, the maid’s education levels affect the child. Domestic workers face violence, as they come far from their home countries in search of jobs. They are pressured by poverty and cruel life without any knowledge of what is awaiting them. These domestic workers are degraded. As a result, they are treated roughly by their employers and the society members.

It is clear that house labor differs from one country to another. It is evident that there is a high population of foreign workers in the gulf of Persia, which is resulting in high financial standards in Saudi(BRUCKS, 1903). High number of foreign workers results in many violations. Desire to protect the foreign workers as well as to handle their problems made the Saudi government start a ministry. Some of the amnesty observed high cases of violations, which included beating, severe injuries, working long hours, rape, and deprivation of the rest and holidays. Many organizations in the world have brought up this issue in order to criticize these violations (Persia, 1989).

The employment agencies have the obligation of providing families with housekeepers of all sorts and at the same time organize contracts between both parties. However, these agencies focus more on profits. If problems arise like in case with the maid killing a child, these agencies withdraw after getting their commission leaving the house cleaner whose problems and sufferings have knocked in on her own. These agencies have contributed to these examples of violence because they fail in their supervision.

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