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I would like to congratulate your office for the significant strides towards attaining justice and democracy for the citizens of this nation. Despite our diversity and personal differences as a people, your office has tried so hard to unify this nation. Thank you and your devoted team for that. The people of this nation will remain forever grateful to your department’s commitment to the democratic values of our nation.

However, I would like to bring to your attention the persistent cases of inequality in this country. The minority and the vulnerable segments of the population are victimized and subjected to injustices daily. While some injustices are meted against these groups openly, the others are not easily identifiable, resulting in adverse effects to the victims. Your office dedicates its full attention to common injustices such as prejudice, racial intolerance, and bigotry, while ignoring inequality, and thus has been continuing to rake havoc in this society.

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I must say I am absolutely against any form of injustice against fellow humans. I am sure there are millions of people who share this feeling. Nothing in the world lowers self-esteem, demeans, and humiliates personality in such a degree as an injustice does. Of all injustices, the feeling of inequality or superiority is the most destructive. When people feel or demand superiority over others based on race, religious affiliation, or social status, they destroy not only themselves, but also those they are subjecting this injustice. Inequality deprives people of their deserved dignity and instead injects deep feelings of rejection and humiliation, which have pushed many to their graves.

Today, almost all problems existing in the world are a result of inequality. Women are viewed as incapable and weak; hence play a second role to men. Minority groups like the Latinos, Mexicans, American Indians, Asians, and Black or African-Americans languish in poverty because their votes cannot tilt the political landscape. Children from poor families fail to get a decent education. All these and much more are a result of inequality. Our country is slowly, but surely changing for the worse; where the rich and the mighty call shots, while the poor and the meek are forced to watch from the sidelines. Your honor, if this problem is not urgently attended to, we may find our great nation in an impossible situation when the weak take to arms to fight for what they have been deprived of.

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In my opinion, if inequality is to be outdated, everyone must come out to defend the voiceless, and to play a central role in defending for equality. Our silence is killing us. We must come out strongly to stand up for our families, friends, neighbors, and ourselves against inequality. Without unity, our chances of escaping the tyranny of “the special ones” are slim. Therefore, we must focus our energy towards ridding the world of the attitudes and beliefs that aid inequality.

Therefore, I unreservedly call upon your office to address these issues before it is too late. Please do involve all stakeholders, citizens, nongovernmental organizations, various government departments, and civil societies to draw a roadmap aimed at solving this problem. Your honor, I believe in you, so do other citizens of this great nation. I believe you will not spare any efforts towards fighting inequality in the great country. I am eagerly looking forward to a more united country where all people are treated as equals regardless of their race, social status, or religious affiliation. Thank you abundantly.

Yours sincerely,

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