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Criminal law is rules and regulation that guide behavior affecting both individuals and the community. Crimes that fall under criminal laws are crimes whose perpetration affects the whole society but not only the person who became the victim of the crime. Every community has such criminal laws. They are not universe since crimes that affect different communities are very diverse. This depends on societal norms and expectations. These laws are implemented in a different jurisdiction and are punishable differently in every community. This paper looks into a criminal law working in a community. It gives insight into the law, its jurisdiction, and the way it is being implemented (Stewart, 2014).

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In New York, there are the following criminal laws. New York is highly populated by Jews although there are other communities. In the Jewish community, drawing swastikas on a surface or a person is an assault. In addition, hurling of anti-Semitic remarks at an individual is also an assault. There has been complaints from the Pine Bush school of bullying of Jewish students; this led to legal pursuit in a law court. As a result, Andrew Cuomo came up with a proposal to protect Jewish students from assault in schools. Andrew Cuomo’s anti-bullying proposal is a criminal law that advocates for non-bullying of Jewish students in schools. This law recommends the stripping of school administrators of their certificates in case they do not report bullying and discrimination of any kind directed at students to the relevant authorities. All the acts of bullying and discrimination ought to be reported to the State Police, the Division of Human Rights and State Education Department. This law aims at preventing discrimination, abuse, and harassment of students in schools. It also provides justice to theh students who have been discriminated or bullied. Therefore, it is a double-edged sword. It cuts both on prevention and awarding justice.

This proposal is implementable in the New York City state. It is a state law applying only to schools within the state. Therefore, its jurisdiction goes as far as the boundaries of New York where it borders other states (McCoubrey & White, 1996).

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This law helps in ensuring that students have an enabling environment in school. With bullying and discrimination on a racial and religious bases, students cannot learn to the expectations. Therefore, this law acts as a watchdog to make sure that learners gain as much knowledge as possible from their schools regardless of their color, religion, and race. The implementation of this law will see teachers and school administrators that do not report incidents of harassment on students lose their teaching and/or administrative certificates. This is the best possible remedy to this crime since there is no teacher or administrator who will be willing to lose his or her certificate. Therefore, they will report all the incidents of harassment, discrimination, and bullying of students. This will achieve the ultimate goal of creating an enabling environment to students. Learners will be able to learn and interact in schools without discrimination or the fear of harassment and bullying (Stewart, 2014).

This law impacts law enforcement, the courts, and the corrections system in several ways. It supports law enforcement through specifying an action to be taken against a teacher or an administrator who violates it. Therefore, it makes it simple for law enforcers to act promptly. This law will impact the courts since it calls for a certain judgment once a suspect is taken to court. Lastly, it will influence correction system since it is very specific. As far as it does not call for imprisonment, it will not cause an increase of the population in the correction system.

In conclusion, criminal laws help keep law and order in the community. Without criminal laws, the community could be full of rivalries and unending conflicts. In the case of Andrew Cuomo’s anti-bullying proposal, it could be challenging for learners to study in New York without this law. Therefore, this law will help students learn comfortably. It will also ensure that they interact with one another without any fear or suspicion. In the same way, other crime laws assist to maintain law and sanity in communities. Most important, crime laws also ensure justice to those that are assaulted.

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