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Economic upheavals have thwarted the endeavors of the company to continue providing wage raises to its employees as it did for the past fifteen years. The company has been using the COLA to adjust the salaries of its employees. The supervisor of the company should be vigilant concerning the move by employees to unionize. Several measures of adjusting the wages of the employees should be adopted. The company should consider using the Lump Sum Increases and remunerate its employees fairly for work done. This is can be done yearly after the company realizes profits (Mathias, 2011). “For the scripture says, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth out the corn. And, The laborer is worthy of his hire.” (1st Timothy 5:18). The supervisor should also consider using his interpersonal skills to address the issues raised by the employees at a personal level. Since the organizing and negotiating power of unions lie within the economy and economic trends, the human resource department may counter this move by negotiating favorable conditions with employees beforehand (Aswathappa, 2005). The supervisor may use the history of the firm to redress the issues of concern to the employees. The employee’s free choice Act may be used by the employer to address their concerns thereby hindering their endeavors to see the need of a union. With regard to the performance of the firm for the past fifteen years, the supervisors may encourage employees to stay united during these challenging economical times. They may as well use this opportunity to guarantee the employees of a promising future with the firm once it recovers from its economic upheavals. The organization may also use the time spent on the organization as a basis for incrementing the employees’ salaries (Mathias, 2011). after it recovers from the current challenges. This will motivate employees to remain loyal to the firm.

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Another stronghold that the supervisors may consider using is manipulating the advantages presented by unions to the benefit of the firm. Before the employees unite behind his back, he may consider legalizing the union and making it a formality within the organization (Aswathappa, 2005). If this is done, the employees will be satisfied and feel their issues are addressed openly. This may be used as a legal action of the firm. “The supervisor will be able to maintain control of the employees from a central point” (Aswathappa, 2005).

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