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It is evident that Google technology has a simultaneous characteristic just like other online companies. Google unique characteristics can be analyzed on the bases of its data center. Once Google ensures a good data center that is unique to other technology company, it will be able to win a large market share in its business practices. A data center is a facility that is operated and owned by a third part. This data center helps customers to place their servers whereby the customers are able to specify computers as well as their components. Google is able to compete in the market while under taking its business. These Google data centers are unique in a number of ways.

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The Google data centers are numbering a dozen, but it is hard for anyone outside Google to tell how many they are as well as their location. The Google file manages the data centers that come online. These facilities are populated with Google computers, and they are able to search for configure and search them with less human being intervention. This stands among many distinctions that Google has over its close competitors.

The hardware that Google uses is easily accessible from a local computer store. It uses computer components such as disc drive and memory that are found in a standard desktop chit. Each Google server comes along with a pizza box. To ensure a user-friendly environment, its ports and plug of the box ensure that its accessibility is fast and easy. Additionally, another Google distinction is that its data center requires 72 hours for it to go online. This is an advantage to its competitors in that most of their data centers takes even a week to integrate this change or add resources online. The network data centers belonging to Google is able to detect any additional resource, because most of them go into operation without human intervention. All these features enable to do well in its business practices and win over its competitors.

Google has grown into a large company and remains of standard compared to other search engines. In ensuring a corporate philosophy based on advertisements, Google operates over a number of facts. The first Google rule of engagement is that it puts a lot of focus on its user and what follows. This means that Google results are based on a user’s viewpoint. In the case of returning pages of links based on certain keywords, it has ensured that the results have relevance to the searchers needs. Google has enhanced this by ensuring that their database is at current, technology is at a leading edge as well as providing fast clear results.

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In the process of defending its advertising philosophy, Google explores better ways of looking up information in the Internet for the content. They are also working hard to ensure that they come up with new areas of information (Jarvis, 2009). It is also clear that they are concise on knowledge as a power, which ensured progression of developing ways for people to search for the information that the need irrespective of where they are.

In Google’s philosophy about advertising has made significant efforts towards being the best search tool. It also puts into consideration the user’s time value. This is based on the fact that the search is the most relevant aspect, but it has to be fast. They achieve this task by reassessing code and at the same time trimming access information whenever possible.

As the technology advances, it is recording a growth in technology. Google has enhanced democracy in the web as every website has an equal chance of self-refining in search of the results ensuring a currency search. As another way of marketing its self-Google, recognizes that most of its users may not necessarily be at the desk when they need an answer on a certain phenomena. Therefore, they have created Android as an open source form of a platform to set out applications for mobile devices making it possible to search some information right from a smart phone.

Relevant advertisements are put in the ads displays. This advertisements package ensures that only advertisements that are relevant to the topic in the search are received. Due to reason that the advertisements senses is so effective, corporations are fighting and paying large amounts of cash to make sure that they are included in the Google world. By finding ways to search for HTML and META, Google has found that their information has not been integrated in their servers. It is clear that Google has not been reluctant in matters of research. They are providing enough resources to ensure that as many corporations advertise with them as well as marketing themselves. Consequently, they are in the process of innovations such as mining the deep web.

Another Google’s advertising philosophy is that more than half of the launched searches came out of the US. As a response to this active page, translators have been developed, and such an interface is available in many languages (Davis, 2006). It is necessary to note that many companies are setting achievable goals that are attainable. Google goals are beyond their current reach. This drives them forward to discovering new techniques. For example, one of the crucial techniques is that of discovering what the user needs or does. If there is a case where the user has a problem in spelling; this led to the development of an interactive and excellent spellchecker. Out of all these philosophical concepts in advertising, Google does not rest on their glory; they anticipate reaching the stars ignoring the fact that the sky is the limit.

There are a number of online advertisements, some of these advertisements include: Pop- ups which have grown into a very popular way of advertising. This generally tackling file sent by websites to a computer once such a computer is visited. This file is known as a cookie. These cookies help tack an Internet viewing and thus helping companies tailor an advertisement into that computer. These companies can pop up advertisements on the computer enabling people to see the advertisements before being closed. However, such pop ups are blocked by the current spyware software and hence blocking websites that use them.

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Apart from pop ups, emails are currently in use as forms of online advertisements. This mainly focus on the past target market or customers. This usually happens when a consumer pays products online and the seller seeks permission of descending updates of the product and new products in the market. Many companies send spam messages to customers, but they may fail to read these messages as spam emails are usually blocked or deleted.

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Banner advertisements can be another online way of exerting a pull on customers. These are forms of web placements. Programs like those from Goggle Advertisement sense help to add hints into a certain web site, but payments are done as per a click. This means that if an advertisement is very popular than the higher is the pay for that. These ads on advertisements are costly, and it is advisable to business to ensure that they put these ads on in the websites that are relevant to their business in order to cut on production cost. This form of advertising can also be referred to as link advertising. This uses the concept of a small link that attracts people into a certain website.

Affiliate advertising is another online advertising, which relies on other people in the process of marketing products. This happens when website endorses products of a certain company as a result; it starts convincing customers to visit that particular company. Success in this form of advertising strongly depends on one’s ability to come up with a buzz in a certain community. It simply calls packaging products in a unique way that carries the interest of people hence making them spread words about that particular company or business.

The usage of social media for online advertisement has emerged and is becoming a very popular technique in the business field. For example, it is possible to communicate with existing customers. It is also possible to pay these social networks so that they can place advertisements on the user’s homepage. It is noted that people will accept facebook scripts that at the end makes it hard to block advertisements. This kind of advertisement is important as a significant number of people ends up login into their accounts every day. This makes it easy to reach the target market.

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Google in its advertisements uses the banner ad on method of online advertisement. This has been enabled by the double click Ad network. This means that through Google people has an access to a variety of shapes as well as sizes. Therefore, Google keyword targeting means that advertising is matched to a certain key words. For example, if the banner advert aims at promoting fashion clothing, it is possible to target the advert appear on specific sites targeted by young people. Google is adding ads on that precisely that targets the web page contents. This creates a believer to Google that the advertising creates experiences for web visitors.

Google can be successful in displaying the advertising because of the following ways. It is increasing an overall impression, and at the same time, visibility of niche market that in no way could have click through typical search advertisements. They have introduced a brand new feature to filter some facts, giving to new advertisers to have a selective mind on where the ads appear. In the application, such filter advertisers remains with an ability to show advertisements in those places that the users screen appears when the web page loads without scrolling the page down. These are examples of the advantages that Google enjoys in the display advertisement.

One of the key Google future strategy or success is to make sure that it is no longer advertising in the US TV industry. The reason behind it being that this type of advertisement requires strong capabilities as well as builds up relationship between the advertising agents. Out of the strategic plan, Google has enough resources to enable to remain competitive in the market and for television advertising expenditures. There is the likely hood of this company coming up with other new websites, blogs, as well as build a relationship with the already existing websites.

Finally, Google also aims at achieving a mobile telephone advertisement. Although many people in the universe have access to mobile phones that are Internet enabled, the normal Google search engine provides a chance of relating important information with consumers, it is clear that currently phones provide real time as well as information that is of a specific location. The only challenge is that the mobile phone is not first, and there is no standardization of the advertisements formats.

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