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In the next 25 years, the criminal justice should be geared towards two forces. One is for it to be more effective and two, it should be more humane (Connolly et al, 2008). The justice system expects to achieve five main objectives. This framework encompasses the need for victims to restore a life free of injustice, come up with ways of preventing crime, a need for a professionalized justice system, restructure of the criminal process and finally a realistic sentence given to prisoners.

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It is hoped that in the next 25years. The criminal justice will have adopted a fiscal program in which it will be proud of and will be more humane. Race discrimination will be abolished. Justice will not be based on the color of your skin, the income you receive or your social status in the society. It is believed that this will far be forgotten by 2039.

There will be no excess sentencing of individuals. There is no need to imprison an individual for 25 years for stealing a couple of videos which is a third offense case and life imprisonment without parole for selling drugs on the streets. This injustice is expected to be buried in the next 25 years. Another instance where justice will improve on is the death sentence. It would be better to imprison a person for life other than take him away from his family which would be a form of injustice to them. He can stay behind bars where he can be seen by family and friends rather than taking him away from them. ( Haugen et al, 2009).

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The prison conditions are said to be wretched. The law followed by human activities is said to be that which honor the basic human rights. The prisoners are seen to be confined in less spacious room. In these cages, they are more likely to contract diseases. Justice will prevail for prisoners. The harsh treatment by wardens will be done away with. In case a warden is seen to violate the right of a prisoner, he will be dealt with according to the law. The condition of the prison will need to be improved and the prisons decongested. This will be in line to meet the constitutional requirement. Prisoners will not be isolated from the public since this are the people they are expected to go back to once they are reformed. A high level of interaction is expected to help them get along in good time for easier acceptance(Connolly et al, 2008).

The justice system will need to be looked at and the best should be used to deliver justice. Those found to be biased should be dismissed without a warning to serve as examples to anyone who might think of doing the same.

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There will also be a need for prevention. The authority will look at the cause of an incidence. Try talk to individuals who were involved and try resolving it on the primary ground. It has been seen in the past years. The justice system did not address this issue. When youths were found fighting, the police would only put them in custody awaiting trial. The prevention will reduce the work of the criminal justice at the grass root and give them ample time that requires their attention. In recent past, it was seen that the use of expensive ways was the ideal process of providing justice, but, prevention has been seen to be a better way.

In conclusion, the justice system is expected to serve people equally and follow the due process without delay. The stain that was previously there will be long gone. Justice will be delivered following facts and reason. Politics and news headlines will not be a fact to determine justice delivered. Expectations are bound to be high in 2039 for justice is expected to be fair to the people and its community. For justice delayed is justice denied.

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