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The last 50-60 years have completely changed an American society. This claim concerns many questions, but the most painful and frequently asked question is about food. The thing is that people started to pay less attention to what they eat, and the most horrible thing is that this food does not bring any good for them. For almost the whole world existence food was the initial and the most pivotal component that developed the human being and the society as well as a history.

The first problem many people faces is the desire to eat something in a big amount. The nowadays generation cannot stop thinking about food that leads to a lot of different problems, including overweight. Sharman Apt Russell, author of Hunger: An Unnatural History claims that people are programmed to eat a lot. And the worst of all that they eat everything that is in high calories. They naturally prefer meat over fruits and vegetables without any clue that they automatically reduce the amount of useful vitamins coming to their bodies.

According to the statistics, two out of three people are overweight. Over a hundred of years ago, people do not face the problem of obesity so often. Moreover, in 1900s the normal average weight of a male teenager in USA was about 133 lb, and the female weight was approximately 122 lb. If to compare to the new century, the numbers have significantly grown and now they are 166 lb. for men and 144 lb. for women. All these alterations have a close connection to the food people consume every day, including hamburgers, hotdogs, sandwiches and soda.

All in all, food – is a combination of nutrients that assists in health improvement. Eating well is important at any age. According to the nutritionists, people will reach much better health, longer life expectancy, improvement of psychological conditions and passion for life if they improve their diets and nutrition. Due to this improvement over the last few years the number of deaths and illnesses has substantially reduced, especially among children and elder people. That is why it is vital to keep in mind the simple rules according to which people should care about their nutrition.

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