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In order to run any successful advertisement, the concerned team must have and follow the motto, vision, and mission of the firm or business entity (Armstrong, 2006). In simple words, advertisements represent the purpose and objectives of a given business organization. A business like Tom Ford seeks to implement its business sustainability and profitability drive through advertisement campaigns; their success or failure depending on their suitability in the market and effectiveness to sufficiently publicize the product (Tellis, 2004).

Advertising seeks to publicize a product or item for commercial reasons, usually with the sole purpose of deriving huge profits from its sales (Walker, 2008). The campaign by Tom Ford, in a beautiful advertisement campaign of the Tom Ford Neroli Prtofino perfume, marked with such an elegant theme of turquoise and gold catches the attention of, not only the interested buyers but also other people, who love beauty products, in general. The naked people, man, and woman, as risqué it may look, add plenty of beauty to the post-modern advertisement campaign that seems to ride in the world’s supposed liberal being and freedom of expression.

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Modern advertisements have taken a new twist, unlike traditional methods whereby a lot of cultural, social, and legal barriers confined to the ‘acceptable’ and ‘moral’ public campaigns. The advertisement campaign of Tom Ford Neroli Portofino perfume is a representation of contemporary life and remains current to the business trends in place. In order to see the true picture of this intriguing piece of advertisement, a thorough evaluation of it is fundamental, with total regard to business analytical approaches of PESTEL, SWOT, and DAGMAR.

Essentially, the effectiveness of any advertisement, as a strategic technique of businesses to grow and ensure sustenance of their operations, is crucial to its implementation (Armstrong, 2006). The relevance of this advertisement lies in the positive or negative feedback from the product consumers in the market. The market response, in respect of the Tom Ford Neroli, seems to be positive. In spite of some scattered expressions of shock from different sections of the community, the campaign has had a moving wave of magnanimous force, blowing the minds of teenagers and youthful people with a modern touch. The conservativeness in businesses seems to be waning, with more and more people appreciating and embracing the free-living styles of the present times. People are now used to each other more than ever before, making the Tom Ford Neroli Portofino perfume advertisement campaign, a normal sight to the majority of the people.

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The Evaluation: Neroli Portofino Perfume Advertisement Campaign

Businesses have different ways of measuring the feasibility of any of their undertakings. Tom Ford had a conviction, after a thorough evaluation of their advertisement campaign for the product, Neroli Portofino perfume, to implement one of the most controversial advertisements in the business world. Generally, this campaign has its pros and cons. Following the SWOT analysis, it is possible to deduce some of the following aspects of the campaign:

1. Strengths

To make it in business, the product has to attract immense public attention (Hill & Wesbrook, 1997). The Tom Ford Neroli Portofino perfume passes a number of tests in this test, with conspicuous strengths in the campaign:

1.0 Modern Look

The campaign, characteristic of the beautiful people liberally in their nakedness having fun with the perfume, is an indication of liberalism and freedom. Therefore, this is nothing less than contemporary living.

1.1 Beauty

One aspect of the advertisement is the beauty of the entire setting. The elegant colors of turquoise and gold are eye-catching to any viewer (Glazer, 2009). A dull advertisement will not live up to the expectations. The trend in the market is the production of catchy advertisements that will attract the attention of the consumers. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino perfume is up to the mark with regard to this aspect of any effective marketing undertakings. The advertisement is striking to the viewers. Therefore, it succeeds in getting of the targeted group-consumer.

2. Environment

An advertisement campaign must be suitable for the target group, current and relevant. In essence, the advertisement must not offend the consumers of the product. Since this is a modern generation, traditional methods and techniques may sometimes frustrate business efforts of individuals and firms (Menon, 1999). Moreover, consumers want to look current and any attempt to deviate them from that course may be devastating to a business. Besides, the product must be useful and guarantee customers of their quality for their money. As a result, Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Perfume campaign incorporates all these aspects of effective marketing approaches to draw the attention of the consumers.

Furthermore, it is important to ensure that an advertisement remains neutral in pertinent issues of politics and other social aspects of society. At the same time, the advertisement must be in tandem with economic principles so that it appears to be a just and fair strategy of business practice. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino perfume advertisement campaign appears to have taken that matter into consideration. It is also politically neutral and devoid of economic controversies.

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3. Weaknesses

Typically, there is nothing perfect. Consequently, that means that the Tom Ford Portofino perfume advertisement campaign could not be effective across the board. Though advertisement campaigns ought to be strong so as to capture and retain the admiration of the consumers, sometimes it becomes utterly strenuous to achieve that objective. Just as frail as the men and women behind the advertisement campaign project may be, the advertisement may never lack any element of limitation. This, in view of the Tom Ford Neroli Portofino perfume advertisement campaign, seems to be true with regard to the sensitive aspects of the social environment.

3.0 Susceptibility to Confusion/Misunderstanding

There are many chances of making mistakes concerning the product. At first sight, a person may shrug it off, as an explicit image unsuitable for public viewing. This, in turn, may trigger a series of negative feedback from the affected consumers, an issue that has a high toll on the public image of the organization (Armstrong, 2006). The fundamental principle of business sustainability, or the going concern concept, has a firm anchorage on effective customer management relations. The explicit image of the naked people having fun with the perfume may have offended some customers who have strong conservative values depending on their religion and cultural backgrounds (Hill & Wesbrook, 1997). Luckily, Tom Ford Neroli Portofino perfume campaign does not majorly on staunch religious people like Muslims, and culturally restrictive like the Middle East. The campaign may be a long-lasting success since its target market is mostly the liberal western cultures.

3.1 Moral/Legal Implications

From the onset, the advertisement campaign elicits feelings of romance and sexual appeal. People who view this moral defiance may snub the advertisement and ignore the product, as well. In some strict nations like China, such an image of absolute nudity may attract serious legal implications against the firm. Tom Ford must have understood before implementing this undertaking of serious magnitude, in the marketing industry.

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To sum up, an effective advertisement campaign sells the product even before it gets to the market. On the other hand, an ineffective advertisement campaign may render the product unsuitable and irrelevant to the customers/consumers (Amstrong, 2006). Organizations invest enormously into marketing campaigns because that is the initial and most crucial step in wooing customers (Tellis, 2004). It is a means of boasting and glorifying one product among many others in the competitive business world.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino perfume advertisement campaign targeted the young, modern consumers who have the hype for beauty products, like the one in question. In quite an interestingly controversial way, the explicit advertisement seems to go well in the present times. This means that the perfume’s high quality has been sold to the public through the beautiful, exciting image of the advertisement and the elegance of the thematic colors. Lastly, the advertisement, in general terms, is effective.

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