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This paper presents an essay on my personal statement regarding my involvement at the social level. It also contains my plans on the use of the scholarship once awarded. In this section, a discussion of my engagement in social and school activities is given. My involvement in the society and school life is determined by the fact that I am a role model to the rest. I abide by the laws of the land thereby setting a good example for the young population. In cases where there are those who commit acts that breach the societal norms like engaging in drug abuse, crime, and violence, I take it upon myself to face and counsel them. I try to do my best to convince them to become responsible persons in the community by obeying the law and upholding respect for the moral standards of our society.

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I help the society in various ways. The above-discussed approaches to counseling those who go against the norms and laws is the first way. I also directly take part in the activities of the community; for example, during the process of constructing roads, I join the rest of the members in excavating trenches and leveling the ground as guided. In the past, I have trained women on the best health practices and the need to seek medical attention or treatment whenever they and their children show any symptoms of illness. Speaking about the matters of environmental conservation, I played a leading role in the preservation of a forest in our district, which is a major water catchment area, by encouraging our youth group to promote reforestation. Now, the forest has a variety of tree species, thereby improving the well-being of our society.

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If I am awarded the scholarship, I intend to use it prudently. Pursuance of education will be my major objective. I will put all my efforts in the studies to ensure I perform well. This would enable me to get the training I long for so that I stand a good chance of taking part in the development of our society. That would help me in the future since “Knowledge is power”, thereby an important resource to be exploited for the good of the community. After acquiring the knowledge and possibly securing a decent employment opportunity, I would be in a better position to give back to the society. This is because I would be well-equipped with the resources which would aid me to make substantial improvements in the lives of the people of our society. I will use some of the funds I earn to establish institutions of learning. For example, I would contribute to constructing a modern college for training in healthcare. In addition, I would contribute to equipping the existing hospital facilities so that the residents can enjoy the improved medical care. Undoubtedly, this would go a long way to improve the welfare of the society.

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Being awarded the scholarship will greatly enhance my chances of helping our country overcome the challenges that it faces. My country lacks trained human resources. It has not enough people qualified in major sectors. Generally, the majority of its workforce is not well-educated. Therefore, once I attain the knowledge through the scholarship, I would help to ease the burden caused by the lack of trained personnel.

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