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The attorney has an important role in an adversarial system. In the US and other developed nations, justice is dispensable to anybody. Even criminals are given an opportunity to hire lawyers (attorneys). Judges are usually impartial in the adversarial system to guarantee both the adversaries fundamental justice. The public or federal prosecutor and a lawyer who is hired contracted by the defendant work in antagonism, each trying to convince the jury “My client is innocent”. Criminals deserve justice too, and not all people convicted of murder, rape, or assault are guilty. Some have been set up. The lawyer takes the entire court process burden and present verifiable evidence to the judges, invites witnesses, and challenges the prosecutor to get his client declared innocent. There is no other better way of doing criminal justice than permitting them to engage the lawyer’s services (Neubauer & Fradella, 2013).

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Law in action, by definition, is a theory on legal matters which monitors how the law is applied in the community. Laws are not enacted for fun and must be implemented effectively to benefit its subjects. Domestic violence is a clear crack in law in action. The laws have been enacted to protect victims of domestic violence in vain. I think, the court must heavily penalize criminal in accordance with the penal code. Corruption renders the law toothless as judges and magistrates across America and the world at large are not absolutely honest. Criminals get undeserved court acquittals from judges due to bribery. The issue of gay rights is also addressed in this book. Many states try to legalize gay rights but meet opposition. If only I could be given a chance to correct things, I would double the fine and prison sentences at the same time, fighting corruption in courts and police service to ensure the law is implemented prudently to benefit the wellbeing of the nation. Again I will not attempt to legalize gay rights in any US state (Neubauer & Fradella, 2013).

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