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With globalization and an increase in technology, business organizations have many issues to deal with. They include such as the presence of numerous governmental regulations, corporate social responsibility, employee requirements and regulations, changes in tax laws, as well as a complex and competitive business environment. Business leaders such as managers have their role to play in ensuring rules and regulations are followed, and organizational goals are achieved. The clear understanding of ethical issues facing an organization and the social responsibilities to stakeholders is the first step towards tackling challenges. They would hinder them from attaining their goals. Therefore, it is important to comprehend the role the one plays and the contributions they make to the global business today. This paper is an analysis of responses from two interviewees with a similar job title. However, working in different companies in relation to ethical issues, there are challenges and social responsibilities towards various stakeholders.

Importance of Management in Dealing with Ethical Issues

Human resources is a wide concept. It mainly focuses on the management of employees so as to achieve organizational goals. Many people are human resource managers in different companies, which specialize in primary, secondary or tertiary production. The kind of product or service the firm is specializing in defines the role played. Therefore, different human resource issues, ethical challenges, and social obligations to different stakeholders. I have selected two individuals; a manager of the apartment complex and a Costco Wholesale Store Manager. It will help in developing an analysis of the interview by comparing and contrasting their roles, responsibilities, and ways of tackling risks in managing the company. They are in the best position to give insight experience and competency in management issues even though they derive from different companies that perform various business activities. The apartment complex provides residential services to customers. Therefore, the manager controls the property and those persons working there. On the other hand, Costco Wholesale Corporation is a global firm specializing in the distribution of a variety of products like electronic appliances, computers, furniture, and other merchandise. They have also engaged in e-commerce to their clients in the US and worldwide.

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Interview Analysis and Synthesis

The meaning of business ethics varies depending on the company you are representing and the business activities it offers to the public. The Costco Wholesale Manager outlined that ethics in business influenced an effective decision-making process in organizations. Therefore, their employees are required to uphold these ethics in critical thinking and creativity in order to come up with appropriate decisions for the company’s success. Otherwise, the apartment complex manager emphasized on building ethics on every matter by adhering to code of some conducts or practice, the behavior and ethical requirement in business operations (De George, 2015).

The Costco Manager has worked for the company for the past 10 years. He has obtained knowledge on management of human resource, recruitment, employment, and retention ways to ensure the satisfaction of employees. Critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving have been a basis in making ethical decisions in the management of the organization especially solving conflicts and ethical challenges that most businesses face today. In contrast to this, the Apartment Complex Manager has worked for 5 years and developed knowledge in human resource management. Therefore, he has acquired the skills such as critical thinking, managing organizational behavior, decision making, and teamwork as important in solving the emerging management issues (Mishra & Sharma, 2010).

The Costco Manager supported the idea that ethical issues and requirements helped them to evaluate the impact their business activities had to customers and society as a whole. The Apartment Complex Manager emphasized that business ethics helped in engaging stakeholders like employees and clients in various corporate social responsibilities like the community service. All managers despite a different view of business ethics have identified honesty, being free from theft and bribery as necessary to avoid conflicts and problems with stakeholders of the organization. Taking responsibility as well as being responsible for the actions or decisions made is a step towards upholding ethics personally and professionally. Therefore, the moral judgement is required from every worker even managers (De George, 2015).

In the business today, the Costco Manager stated that they had a challenge of social responsibility. Most of business activities were the distribution of products and not service delivery. They felt that being honest in their operations was not enough to their customers located online and those ones visiting premises. However, they were analyzing various corporate social responsibilities that they could engage. Therefore, they could give something back to the society as well as uphold business ethics. On contrary, the Apartment Complex Manager managed the workers’ behavior so as to uphold values, policies and activities to build all operations on business ethics ground. Diverse culture, socioeconomic and educational background of workers has impacted their behavior thus being difficult to maintain organizational behavior. However, through a constant reminder of the company code of conduct and behavior they were able to solve arising problems built on ethics (“Business Ethics and Social Responsibility,” n. d.).

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In common, social media is an important tool used in marketing. With globalization, businesses are embracing it without taking note of the impact on business. Correspondingly, their employees are trained on the importance of social media and the impact it has on the organization’s reputation. It helps them in making ethical decisions on what they post on their personal profiles and company’s pages. The code of conduct continuously reminds workers of their responsibility towards the public as far as the personal and professional relationship is concerned. Therefore, decisions made by employees and managers are considered as well as analyzed in terms of outcomes (Marshall, 2013).

In the similar way, they have emphasized a fair competition and building the company’s strengths and opportunities to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. Engaging stakeholders is also important in approaching competition by making stakeholders understand that they play an important role in the organization’s development. They help managers to comprehend the society thus assist in a decision making process (Mishra & Sharma, 2010).

While the Costco Manager encouraged schools to train future leaders on social responsibility as an individual and as organization, the Apartment Complex Manager emphasized as follows. He was managing diversity in order to maintain organizational behavior so that business ethics was nurtured on the common ground for the sake of all stakeholders. The Costco Manager argued that social responsibility should not be considered as a corporate issue. All employees and organizations were involved from an individual and group perspective. This knowledge would help in cultivating social responsibility and business ethics in the minds thus creating ethical competency among future leaders.

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However, the Costco Manager emphasized that quality was the organization’s focus in upholding business ethics in all their operations within and outside the business organization by everyone in the company. Despite the large size and rapid expansion to international markets, employees are taken through the requirement of business ethics. Therefore, business goals are achieved. Every employee is encouraged to face challenges and issues in the business world. Meanwhile for the firm to be creative and critical it should grab the opportunities in order to achieve goals. Nevertheless, the Apartment Complex manager noted that effective service delivery implied the business had been built on ethical practices, thus, minimal conflicts. Therefore, integrity and commitment should be the main drivers to excellence in both organizations. Therefore, with business globalization and its continuous improvement on technology, care should be taken to ensure the personal and company’s images are protected to ensure a good relationship and continuous trust from customers.

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In conclusion, the human resource knowledge can be applied in all production levels. The reason is that it only requires understanding of what the society needs in an ethical perspective. Nevertheless, the manner of approach is different. When this important fact is realized, it is easier for managers to understand various issues and ways to reach them. It should be done in order to avoid negative outcomes as well as help in achieving goals. The appropriate decision making and problem solving techniques help to reach these challenges ethically and thus minimize the conflicts with relevant stakeholders. Business ethics requires every employee to act morally by applying good morals in business operations. Business leaders should impart business ethics in the mind of workers starting from the recruitment period. Therefore, they are aware of ethical requirements and take responsibility for their actions. Social media and technology should be integrated into business activities with caution keeping ethical issues in mind. Therefore, employees should be made aware of the impact online networks have on the relationship of the organization and the public. In general, ethical issues and risks are influencing every firm in business today. Therefore, business leaders should be tactful in making ethical decisions.

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