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Cognitive can be described as the activities that are involved in the thinking and knowing. Therefore we can describe cognitive development as how the thinking process develops for young people and children in the perspective of knowing the world. As we know children think in a different way from the adults and as they develop there are variations in the way they think therefore the changes in the thinking is what is referred to cognitive development.

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From my own experience I can say that when I was a child I actually did thing out of curiosity to know what is beyond normal. I used to destroy my toys just to know what lies beneath them not knowing that I was rendering myself toy less in the process. As I grew up the habit of destroying things disappeared without me knowing how and what influenced me not to be destroying things. Change of thinking can be contributed by the parent rules and guides, they use fear to make their own children to do what they think is right as for my habit of destroying things came to an end because my parents told me that if I attempted it again I should forget to be bought new toys. As I grew up I came to an understanding that the habit is not constructive and hence should have stopped (Oakley, 2004, Pg. 66).

In conclusion is that human brain undergoes through development if new interests are generated and if there is any physical contact with a strange new thing. As a person grows and meets with different people he or she will be influenced to think in a dissimilar way and engage in a different manner from his or her previous. Children grow and they are influenced to think different by the environment they find themselves and do things according to the tradition of the place or they better it (Olson, 1996, Pg. 44). Therefore if someone is not in contact with something strange they will never think of the strange thing before they actually see it remains a mystery in the thinking.

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