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Education has always been one of the most important spheres of human society. Starting from ancient times people used to pass knowledge to further generations through different means. With time, a special class of professionals emerged – teachers; people with great minds who were taught to pass knowledge in the most effective way.

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In the modern world, the profession of a teacher is one of the most important. This is justified by the fact that technical progress nowadays develops with ever-increasing speed. Therefore, knowledge needs to be stored, sorted and passed on to future generations in the fastest, most understandable and effective way. In order to do so, a new notion of teaching has been developed – classroom management. It refers to different means, skills, and techniques that teachers use to keep students well organized, promote their desire to learn, and achieve high academic success. (Hidden curriculum, 2014)

In order to show the practical application of classroom management, it would be best to analyze the scenario 1 with Ms. Smith as a teacher. From the first look, everything in her teaching method seems to be right but with deeper consideration, some flaws begin to appear.

The first and most important thing is her zero-tolerance policy. It does not encourage students to learn but plunges them into depression and despair if something is done wrong. This can also cultivate the fear of making any mistakes. The policy towards late assignments is also wrong. Sometimes it is better to discuss the problems with a student in a friendly manner than make him/her address the parents for an official explanation. This can also instill fear and confusion in students if they are embarrassed by the reason as to why they could not complete their homework.

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On the other hand, there are positive sides in the approach of Ms. Smith too. One of them is the clear organization of the learning process that includes handouts for students. This makes the learning rules clear and understandable for everyone. The second positive moment is the policy towards the mistakes in grading. It is clear and well organized. It also gives the ability to change the grading if there are clear justifications for such action.

Homework policy for 2nd-grade level

The policy includes a number of necessary means and techniques that would ease the education process and make it more effective.

First of all, any information for students and their parents has to be demonstrative, clear and easily understandable. In order to provide information, it is wise to give handouts to students and place all the necessary information on the Internet site of the educational institution. This will be especially effective in our era of technical progress. It is also important to know the students in order to find out the best approach to each individual. Therefore, there is a need to provide a questionnaire to students so as to get maximum information about them. (Hopkins, 2010)

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Communication is also very important in the education process. Therefore, it is necessary to keep in touch not only with students but also with their parents on a regular basis. (Starr, 2010) It is also very important to make students cooperate in a working group. For example, while a student does a presentation, others may evaluate and discuss it. (Starr, 2010)

The last but not least detail is rewarding for academic success. At the end of a learning module, it may be wise to point out 3 best students. It would stimulate others to learn better and achieve higher results to be shown as best students.

This set of techniques in combination with standard teaching procedures would provide the best result in the efficiency of the learning process.

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