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Cell phones are by far the most innovative and impressive form of technology, from their small and portable size to the ease of communication from the device. The younger generation is particularly fascinated by this technology and can be seen with different types of stylish and sleek phones. However, with this innovation several demerits and bad behaviors can be witnessed in all parts of the world. Three particular disadvantages of cell phone use are;

  1. Adoption of informal language that students directly translate directly to their formal writing,
  2. Increase in accidents as a result of reckless driving
  3. Unwarranted negative behavior in both school and social settings. (Divan. H,et al, 2010)

1. Adoption of informal language that students directly translate to their formal writing

a. Text messaging language is transferred to school assignments where formal language is expected.

  1. Use of the word because can be written as “coz” or “b/c”, before is instead written as “b4” such occurrences are not uncommon on submitted assignments

b. Later in college students will still use this language in their normal situation communicating with others or even during assignments where essays are longer and require a lot of information.

  1. Ordinary communication between students, impact directly on the mode of taking notes in class and eventually assignments and essays. (Hemming. M, 2011)

c. Since the young people are the ones filling college application forms and essays for college entry, this lingua can find its way into the forms with eventual consequences.

  1. The world of work requires extensive report writing with filling of many work related forms adoption of text language is in itself a problem once one is accustomed to.

2. Unwarranted negative behavior in both school and social settings

a. Continuous use of cell phones results in anti-social behaviors.

  1. A young person can be seen using his or her cell phone listening to music while texting or surfing the internet, previously in such places as market or bus stages people socialized and talked together.

b. Cell phones that come with cameras can; tempt a naughty young boy to take a picture up the skirt of an unknowing lady.

  1. Several nude pictures of women have been uploaded to the internet by their scorned ex-lovers whereas in other situations, young children can be exposed to pornography at a very young age. (Kaiser. T, 2011)

c. During examination sessions, students can search for answers from the internet or take pictures of answers from their fellow students or books.

  1. Increased examination cheating and irregularities have increased with increased use of cell phones in the modern world.

3. Accidents from reckless use of mobile phones are a common phenomenon nowadays:

a. Drivers who use their cell phones are normally distracted and can barely concentrate and keep their eyes on the road.

  1. Fatal accidents from head on collisions to hit and run accidents are common with cell phone use whilst driving.

b. Pedestrians using the device while crossing roads or walking in driveways are normally distracted.

  1. If they are texting or listening to music, they are unable to see or hear warning signals such as horns from the vehicles.

c. Receipt of bad or disturbing news can substantially distract either a driver or a pedestrian. (Halsey. A, 2010)

  1. A pedestrian crossing the road will have an impaired judgment and might not see an oncoming vehicle while a driver in the same situation will not see a pedestrian crossing


Although being the best of the modern day inventions in regard to easing communication and information delivery, these advantages should not overshadow the possible ill effects of cell phone use. The world of text messaging is colonizing the lives of the young people and changing their language and school habits. Once one is accustomed to this world, use of text message language in formal settings becomes a hard habit to stop. These disadvantages can only be minimized by behavior change and not letting cell phones take over the human life completely.