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The initiative of opting to do business in Paraguay is fundamental because it is a way of developing one’s lifestyle. The approach leads to a development on economical, cultural, and intellectual platforms. Paraguay is not a fully developed state because it is located in Central and South America, hence, investing in the state will be met with challenges that require professionalism. The country is under the administration of a constitutional Republic, which signifies that the rights of the people are put into consideration on matters associated with the business. The official language utilized by the people of Paraguay is Spanish and Guarani, so it is important to be aware of language usage (Finnis & Millman, 2015). The majority of people who reside in the state of Paraguay are Mestizo at 95% and others at 5%.

Donald (2008) states that the state of the Paraguayan economy is not stable because there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. The country is going through high rates of inflation and unemployment. Furthermore, economic opportunities are limited to urban dwellers, hence, proper research has to be done for business in Paraguay to be undertaken. Basically, the paper aims at illustrating the matters associated with doing business in Paraguay on the basis of the country’s global etiquette and intercultural negotiation processes. Furthermore, the paper also offers an enumeration on business and social customs in Paraguay as a way of opening up ways that can be utilized to fully participate in Paraguay’s economy positively.

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Global Etiquette

Paraguayan people tend to have their own form of etiquette on matters associated with relating to each other just like any other culture in the world. Thus, men and women are encouraged to always shake hands when greeting each other despite having met earlier during the day. The approach is practiced so as to create a bond of understanding and closeness. While meeting friends and family members, Paraguayans tend to kiss twice on the cheek as a formal greeting. The greeting in this case also motivates members to know that they were missed and that they are welcome. Donald (2008) indicates that Paraguayans are formal and conservative individuals, but they do consider family and traditions to be very significant aspects of their social culture.

Despite the large gap between the rich and the poor in Paraguay, respect towards each other despite the differences is paramount. It is appropriate to practice respect and dignity regardless of the position or hierarchy as a form of creating a connection when visiting Paraguay for any reason. Furthermore, while meeting family members, it is important to practice formality and appropriate manners as a way of creating a good relationship. On matters associated with corporate culture, Paraguayans may be late, but visitors are expected to report on time (Finnis & Millman, 2015). Furthermore, they believe that connecting with one another is more significant as opposed to expertise.

Thus, it can be perceived that Paraguayans value personal relationships at a higher rate compared to business-related issues. While doing business, it is important to always use one person to negotiate the deal because sending a new individual will entail starting from the beginning. Clearly, such a move can be wasteful and detrimental to a person who is in need of starting a business immediately (Donald, 2008). It is also encouraged to hire local labor so as to effectively get the consent of the community.

The approach of hiring local labor is significant in this case because it acts as a way of creating employment opportunities for the locals. In addition, negotiation processes often take time, hence, it is imperative for the investor or person interested in the business to be patient. Face-to-face meetings are encouraged by the Paraguayans on matters associated with doing business. The approach is encouraged because a connection is created during the negotiation, which also acts in favor of the Paraguayans as they value connection more than doing business (Finnis & Millman, 2015). Therefore, the Paraguayans are warm, hospitable, and affectionate people.

The concept of dressing up formally while dining out is encouraged by the Paraguayans because it indicates that respect is being articulated. Men on their part are encouraged to wear dark suits and ties, especially if it is for a formal meeting. It is, therefore, relevant for a visitor to follow their hosts’ lead in dressing after the initial visit. When invited to a party, bringing along a gift is significant because it creates a connection. Some of the gifts that can be offered to the host are flowers, sweets, and chocolate (Donald, 2008). The gifts are significant as they portray that one appreciates the host’s invitation, which is the reason for sharing the gifts. The Paraguayans have also been trained to share. Talking about politics or religion is not encouraged unless initiated by the host.

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It is apparent that etiquette is an entity practiced by the people of Paraguay to the letter as a way of expressing their identity. For a business to fully prosper, it is essential for one to be aware of the aforementioned rules of etiquette because they signify the life of a normal Paraguayan. Being in the know on the aforementioned rules is likely to help one get the business proposal effectively because one will be perceived to be respecting the roots of the Paraguayans. The rationale is based on the fact that every person in the business world desires to be the leader on the basis of what they have laid down as the strategy to success (Donald, 2008). Thus, practicing the Paraguayan etiquette will offer better opportunities for doing business in Paraguay, as one will have a better know-how of how business is done in the country.

Business and Social Customs

Business and social customs are also practiced within the context of Paraguay, so it is appropriate to be aware of what needs to be done before conducting business successfully. Doing business in Paraguay has to be based on the strategies utilized by the citizens and the lifestyle of the state. The rationale is ensuring that respect is being practiced in Paraguay as a country and as a business hub for the company or person in need of investing. On matters associated with social customs, they also have to be practiced or learned so as to effectively do business in Paraguay. The social customs, in this case, entail the manner in which people in Paraguay relate to each other, to effectively undertake the task or event in question (Finnis & Millman, 2015). Significantly, practicing business and social customs initiated in Paraguay is fundamental because it shows that one is in the position to attain positive results due to following a path set by the country. Some of the business and social customs practiced in Paraguay are as follows:

For a business to be conducted effectively, Paraguayans demand direct interactions on matters associated with doing business, because they connect the concerned parties through a mutual understanding. Dressing up formally for business purposes is required as it portrays the contents of professionalism. Women tend to wear makeup because it is a normal aspect among Paraguayan individuals. Men ought to wear formal jackets while attending business meetings and ties, so as to connect with the rest of the professionals. While interacting with supervisors, formal addresses should be practiced and the last name should be utilized as it defines respect in the workplace (Brian & Jessica, 2011).

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Punctuality and reliability are aspects demanded by administrators, but they are not practiced by all employees. It is recommended for one to leave a tip, so as to get their documents within the stipulated time frame. Some of the documents, in this case, are licenses and other government-related services. Time management is not fully practiced unless the meeting in question is taking place for the first time (Finnis & Millman, 2015). While doing business in Paraguay, one needs to be aware that a superior is often valued on the basis of education, expertise and experience if the business in question is private.

Strong leadership, understanding the Paraguayan culture and traditions of the country are strategies likely to generate significant results for a person in need of doing business. The most influential individual is tasked with the objective of making decisions. Therefore, most decisions lay in the hands of the owner of the business. Final decisions are made by the superiors, but the staff and the superior are encouraged to work together (Brian & Jessica, 2011). The indication here is that Paraguayan individuals tend to practice business via the democratic leadership approach. Employees are permitted to interact directly with the managers in case the rules set are not clear to the employee.

On matters associated with social customs, one has to be aware of how they are undertaken so as to effectively do business in Paraguay. The official language utilized for interacting is Spanish with the inclusion of Guarani. Therefore, it is an essential act of etiquette for one to learn some form of Spanish before doing business in Paraguay. The person who has done it will be in a better position to understand what is being said and how to fully comprehend the needs of a client (Donald, 2008). The approach of learning Spanish is significant as it makes it unnecessary to hire an interpreter, which is an expensive move for long term business.

Dressing up well despite coming from different backgrounds is encouraged because it makes society look peaceful and encouraging. Patience and tolerance are encouraged during social events as they lead to better results among those involved. Greetings are made via handshakes when associating with male counterparts and kissing on the cheek for females and males is encouraged. The manner in which greetings are initiated needs to be learned because the approach is meant to connect the parties concerned into a mutual understanding (Brian & Jessica, 2011). Most of the Paraguayans love to relax and talk while drinking mate tea. Soccer is the most popular form of sport whereas volleyball is the most common sport.

Paraguayans also celebrate New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, Labor Day, Heroes Day, Independence Day, Mother’s Day, Constitution Day, and All Saints Day. Fundamentally, knowing the above-mentioned events is significant because it demonstrates that one respects the rights of the citizens of Paraguay. Family loyalty is extremely significant; hence, it is essential for one to be aware of such customs during social gatherings. Doing business in Paraguay entails being aware of how they behave in social places, so as to effectively generate positive results in the business in question (Brian & Jessica, 2011). Therefore, one needs to be in the know-how on issues associated with social customs as being aware of such events is likely to assist one to effectively do business in a sober and successful manner in the state of Paraguay.

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Intercultural Negotiation Process

Negotiation is the aspect of discussing common and conflicting interests between individuals of different cultural backgrounds who work to reach an agreement of mutual benefit. The implication here is that negotiation is needed by different communities to attain their set objectives with ease and comfort. Just like any other country, Paraguay also takes part in negotiation processes, so as to reach their set targets. Negotiating with different people helps one to be successful because they attain what they desire and not what they have to attain. Paraguayans believe that in business you don’t get what you need, but rather what you negotiate for (Larry, 2011). Based on the fact that negotiating can generate a number of opportunities, Paraguay takes the initiative to do so. The members associated with the negotiating process aim for expanding their markets, increasing market shares and profits, and lowering their costs by negotiating globally.

Negotiating based on an intercultural perspective is often hard in Paraguay because the national style of interaction differs substantially from the western way of talking. Therefore, the process of negotiating can only be successful if the parties involved are able to interact in Spanish. At times, negotiations end up on the wrong path when Paraguayans perceive that they have not been understood. The outcome of poor communication on matters associated with intercultural negotiation is those involved getting frustrated. Intercultural negotiations in Paraguay are not an easy task because of the nature of those traits involved (Larry, 2011). Significantly, several strategies have been put into consideration to counter the situation and bring better negotiation skills to the people of Paraguay, especially on business-related matters. One of the strategies being utilized is:

Utilization of intercultural training programs meant to improve skills to effectively collaborate and interact with those interested in partnering with Paraguay. The intercultural negotiation program has also been put in practice, so as to increase employee motivation and commitment by increasing understanding of the mentality of the Paraguayan citizens and recognition of and respect for the national customs. The strategy is also being used by the people of Paraguay to master the art of friction-free meetings, negotiations, and daily business entities. There is also the issue of attaining a deeper comprehension of how to interact well within a virtual environment (Larry, 2011). It is apparent that the contents of the strategy have been drafted by the citizens of Paraguay with the objective of creating an intercultural negotiation platform that generates positive results for all of those involved.

To effectively participate in negotiation processes in Paraguay, one needs to hire a consultant in the state and jot down information on negotiations so as to effectively follow what is right and acceptable. Intercultural negotiations in Paraguay encourage opening rituals meant to bring the party concerned in a collaborative perspective. Planning ahead before the negotiation process takes place is another fundamental approach utilized by Paraguayans as it shows a level of professionalism. For negotiations in Paraguay to be perceived as effective and professional, those involved have to fully understand that Paraguayans take all levels of negotiations seriously (Donald, 2008). Understanding Paraguayans helps negotiations to flow well as a level of balance among those involved is comprehensible and success is likely to be attained in the process.

The above paragraph indicates that negotiations in Paraguay are just as important as they are in other states globally. The steps being practiced by Paraguay on matters associated with negotiations are fundamental, because they are meant to help Paraguay effectively practice their business with ease and professionalism. A person has to be aware of the way Paraguay operates on issues associated with negotiating on business-related matters to invest in. Doing business in Paraguay is not an easy task, especially when it comes to issues associated with negotiating. Therefore, it is essential to fully grasp what they value and what they practice before taking part in intercultural negotiations (Brian & Jessica, 2011). Taking the right steps is likely to generate results that are worthwhile on the basis of negotiations, because one will have the right skills to attain a successful negotiation entity.

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To conclude, it is apparent that doing business in Paraguay might not be as easy as ABC. The rationale is based on the nature of Paraguay as a whole and its location in South America. The first paragraph indicates that the official language in Paraguay is Spanish and Guarani and the majority of the people are Mestizo at 95% and others at 5%. Moreover, there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor and economic opportunities are only available to urban dwellers. On matters associated with etiquette, men and women are encouraged to always shake hands when greeting. The people are formal and conservative, and they value personal relationships at a higher rate as compared to business-related issues. Communicating through face-to-face is encouraged in business, because it creates a connection during the negotiation process among Paraguayans. Knowing the Paraguayan etiquette is likely to generate positive results for a person desiring to do business.

Direct communication on matters associated with doing business in Paraguay gives the parties concerned a mutual understanding. In Paraguay, women are motivated to dress up formally for business purposes as it portrays professionalism. Time management is not fully practiced in business-related aspects unless the meeting in question is taking place for the first time. Therefore, one has to fully understand what Paraguayans desire to be effective and prosperous while doing business. In business-related issues, final decisions are made by the superiors, but the staff and the superiors are encouraged to work together to generate results that are professional and effective. Moreover, persistence and tolerance are etiquettes encouraged in social events as they lead to better results among those involved.

When it comes to issues associated with negotiations, Paraguayans believe that in business you don’t get what you need, but rather what you negotiate for. In Paraguay, those involved in negotiations tend to cooperate, so as to expand their markets, increase market shares, increase profits, and lower their costs by negotiating globally. Therefore, successful participation in business in Paraguay is not attained easily, but understanding their way of life is likely to generate results that are fundamental. One has to fully grasp everything that defines Paraguay before taking part in business-related matters in such a country. The rationale is based on the fact that prosperity is attainable through hard work, dedication, and determination of what is right in business world.

The approach of understanding what defines Paraguay is paramount because it helps one to have reasons as to why they should invest in Paraguay. Studying Paraguay is essential before doing business, because the country has a huge gap between the rich and the poor. Thus, it is significant to learn more about etiquette in Paraguay, negotiation techniques, and business and social customs. Studying the mentioned areas as enumerated in the above paragraphs is likely to assist one to draft the right measures that can be utilized to conduct business in Paraguay with ease and attain positive results.

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