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Advertising Media

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner is a product of c. The product which was initially developed as a gift by Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff to his wife has outgrown and gained consumer confidence. RevitaLash’s target audience is modern women in the age bracket of 25 to 35, living in an urban area (Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi city). Just as the product restored the doctor’s wife eyelashes, research on the product argues that the product will be beneficial to victims of cancer. This is because the product is believed to make eyelashes to be long, flexible and full. This favors most women around the globe. The product has been improved with the removal of the ingredients (white feather) that causes mild irritation on the skin and also decolorizing of the skin. The ingredients that have been added in the product are proven. In addition, soothing substances such as botanicals and peptides have been incorporated in the product. The manufacturers claim that the product is safe to use with as all the initial side effects have been eliminated. The guarantee is given to the buyers by ensuring that the product has a watermark that depicts that the product has not been tampered with. Various advertising campaigns have been carried out to launch the product from 2012. Both dealer and consumer promotions have worked well for the product.

The company aims to widen its market by targeting the cities of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi city in Vietnam. This is due to the process of globalization phenomenon which is stretching over the world; many international organizations are looking forward to low-cost outsourcing (Keane 2005). Athena Cosmetics Inc. is planning to use responsive buyer methods to ensure that the products meet the targeted audience. A SWOT analysis has been used to identify the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats to New Balance presence. The paper also provides for the target audience who are mainly women between the ages of 25 and 35. These are mainly middle-class earners and therefore the campaign methods to be used are aimed at identifying with their living standards.


Due to the advantages of the product, the company aims to introduce the product to a large market. This is not only for earning more income but further for providing the consumers with the benefits of the product. The characteristic of the product makes it the beat in the market and in the face of its competitors. The company aims to introduce its products in the Vietnamese region for various reasons. One of this is the large market that the cities have to offer. Statistics show that majority of women citizens in Vietnam are aged between 25 and 35 years old. This makes the market ideal for the product. Approximately 95% of the country’s population are aged below 65 years old. Furthermore, most of the residents within the city walls are women. The company has also undertaken expansive research and determined that currently, the country has increased its wealth. The wealth is further accumulated in the Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City’s (TNS, 2009).

The above reasons are a good determinant of the company’s price for the product. They depict both the geographic and demographic data within the country. The numbers help the company in determining whether the people will be able to afford their products. It also shows the effects of changes introduced into the product. If an increase in the price of the product does not show adverse negative changes in the demand of the product, the company is assured of an inelastic demand curve for their product. This means the company will enjoy selling its product at all seasons without a negative production change. The future of the country is also promising. With the economic growth expected to increase by approximately 10% per annum, this is a promising land for any investor. According to the Foreign Direct investment, the accounted GDP for Vietnam as of 20012 was about 13%.

These reasons are the major reasons why Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi cities are being eyed and potential field for investments in Vietnam. The statistic rhymes well with the intention of Athena Cosmetics Inc to globalize its market. This provides the company with a window of opportunity and for this reason the company is using approximately quarter a million dollars to advertise its market. This is done with promising returns once the product is launched and gains the market. The purpose of this media plan is to provide more consistencies of rationales, research data as well as to come up with the strategies applied in Vietnam context by setting specific objectives, namely, communication objectives, media objectives and action objectives.

Communication objectives

The local demand for RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner is promising despite the competitiveness of the market. For this reason, various strategies are put in place to ensure that the current market is maintained as a quest for new market is taken into account. Despite the inflation and increase in importation and exportation cost, the consumption rate is more promising with the young people always seeking to improve their standards of living. The product is no longer considered as a luxury but as an essential ingredient of beauty. As the celebrity advertising of the products shows, it is the desire of every young woman to appear beautiful and for this reason an increased demand of RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner. By the end of the campaign, the target audience is likely to be reached and the company will have the advantage of exploiting the market while at the same time winning loyal customers. For this reason various objectives are put in place which includes but are not limited to the following:


  • By the end of the campaign, more than 90% of the targeted audience should be informed about the product. Since the campaign is aimed to last for a period of approximately six months, the target group will be covered
  • Increased the awareness of the product return to the market offering its advantages to the target group. This will be done effectively by use of testimonials from constant users of the product.
  • Change the perception of consumer regarding the use of the product. This will be done effectively by use of the evidence data that the product is safe to use without posing any side effects. This will be accomplished within the first three months of the campaign
  • Use marketing strategies such as the “word of mouth” to reduce the promotion cost and ensure that users of the products are more convinced that it is the best.
  • Ensure that Athena cosmetics Inc has an added advantage in competing in the market and enhance end-user response.
  • Enhance good public relations with the locals. This will present the company as consumer friendly and win the confidence of newcomers in the market.

The objectives above are based on the criteria that they are specific to the aims of the advertisement campaign, they are also measurable. This is because they will be reviewed at the end of the campaigning period to determine whether they have been achieved. If that is not the case, the company marketing board can go back to the drawing board and determine why the objectives were not achieved. The objectives are also attainable since the market had been previously researched and an investment plan put into motion.

Promotional Mix tools

These tools are essential to the success of the campaign and enhancing the product and upholding the company name. Various factors determine the type of tools to use for the promotion. However, the most influential factor is the target group. This is because using the wrong promotion method will not reach the intended group. On the basis that this campaign is intended for a group of people between the ages of 25 and 35, modern methods that keep up with current technology are essentially deployed for the success of the launch. According to Belch (2009), the contemporary method consists of six promotional mix elements. However, sellers apply the model in different ways depending on the type of their product and the targeted audience. Athena cosmetics Inc. chooses between these methods to determine which elements best suites their campaigning. Three tools have been considered here as the most effective for this product.


One of the major reasons why this method is preferred is due to its coverage. Advertising spans across multiple geographic regions and reaches a large audience. This makes the method cost effective and also influential. It is a powerful tool to enhance customer perception. If this tool is used effectively, the results are instant as most people are anxious to try new things. The method is coupled with celebrity advertising. This promotion method makes people buy more if their celebrities are featured in the advert. Consumers are convinced that the product will be safe since their icon is in the picture. They are also convinced that the side effects of the product have been properly dwelt with when the information comes from a person they like and envy. In addition, the media and especially television has been proved that it has the greatest effect on people’s behavior and attitude (Bandur, 2001). However, a research conducted in 2009 showed that among the citizens in Vietnam, only 6% are influenced by adverts. For this reason merely using advertisement as the only approach to reaching the end user many not bear the expected fruits.To keep up with competition in the industry and the sex sell approach used by competitor firms, the firm is also using the same approach.

Since the target group is young people within the age bracket of 25 and 35, the use of internet marketing comes in handy. The majority of the youths are obsessed with the Internet where they check their emails, social profile and seek entertainment. It is essential as it enables them to “participate in and modify the form and content of the information they receive in real time” (Belch & Belch 2009). As opposed to the traditional media, which provides one-way flow of information, internet marketing does not only provide the user with the information about the product, but also provides them with the opportunity to make instant decisions on whether to buy the product. All the information regarding the product is readily available and young people find it convenient to gather information about the product and make informed decisions. It also provides the company with valuable information about the product and the concerns raised by the consumer are addressed. This is practically essential in improving the product and providing consumer tailored responses. Research shows that Vietnam has witnessed a significant growth in the technology and especially the internet sector. The contemporary research shows that 32,18% of total population using the Internet (CNNIC 2011).Moreover, people aged from 15 – 35 accounts for 82% of total internet users (internetworldstatsn.d.).

The final tool that promotes both the image of the firm to the public and the product is public relations. It deals with both the internal and external business environments. Enhancing the image of the firm is essential to the success of the company in a new region. This can be done effectively by use of promotional methods such as holding events and trade shows. On the other hand, relating well with distributors, customers and suppliers plays a major role in the smooth running of the organization. Public relations furthermore offer credibility as the events are real and this makes the audience believe in the products. The method is also cost effective and economical especially if one is faced with a constraint budget.

Scheduling strategy

To effectively evaluate the changes presented by the campaign tool used, advertisers must set up a strategy that guarantees that the consumer is reached and made aware. Also, an effective way to determine whether the objectives of the campaign have been achieved must be used. If the company employs the continuity strategy, this is because RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner will be used on a continuing basis without regard to seasons. Once the methods of promoting the product commence, the best way is to ensure that the promotion is continuously undertaken to keep off competition and ensure that the buyers stay informed; continuity strategy will harmonize the scheduling strategy to gain effective awareness among target audience resulting in brand loyalty building.

Advertising is best suited as the promotional methods that will not only build the brand loyalty but will also raise the awareness to the consumers. This method if effectively used will result into more market. For each of the above tools, different media vehicles can be used. The advertisements can be done via TV, this is because of its accessibility with which it reaches the users. On internet market, social sites such as Facebook can be used for placing adverts of the product to increase awareness of the product. Holding events in the targeted towns will present a good image of the firm to the public and encourage immediate response by the customers.

Media campaign flowchart





Tuoi Tre News

First three months of the campaign use of the front and back covers of the newspapers

This paper will cover beauty exclusively for women

The newspaper will target middle-class women who are both high


All six months of the campaign

The boards will be placed strategically in the two cities

To reach all the driving class ladies in Vietnam


First four months of the campaign

This will be bulleted in the local news at the top of every hour just before the news

Reach the targeted 6% of television viewers and raise their awareness of the product


Constant banners in social sites

Place banners in social sites such as Facebook

Reach the targeted age group of 25 to 35 who are constantly online