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The recent studies show that the time of the Internet users’ focused attention for reading certain posts is becoming shorter and shorter. Web resources become visualized, which matches the current tendency for sliding, skipping, scrolling, and not stopping on anything for more than just a second. In fact, the images with text prove to be 50% less capturing and effective than images without text. In these conditions, a question occurs: how to write a blog that would be capable of attracting and holding the readers’ full attention? Actually, there are certain tricks that can help bloggers become more effective. In case you deal with article blog writing, the following tips are just what you need for a successful start.

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Step 1: A Catchy Title Is Everything!

The very first thing needed for a quality blog content writing is a title that attracts the readers’ attention right away. Indeed, the first line they see is a decisive point, which determines whether they will continue reading or just scroll down the timeline. To formulate a 100% catchy title, use the rules below.

  • Choose a Theme on Point

If there is anything that will make the audience want to read your article, it must be something that bothers them, something that is going on currently and that they would like to know more details about. So your cumber one task is to find the issue that is topical for your readers and shoot at the most problematic aspect.

  • Shock Your Readers

Not only the content of your title is important, but its form, as well. Surprise the readers, make them choke up a little, make them rise their eyebrows and smirk. They need to see your title and quit whatever they were doing before, only to focus on your message fully.

Step 2: Bring Anticipation

How to write a blog article that will inspire, once your title feels strong enough? Clearly, by developing an intriguing introduction. The first paragraph of your blog article writing shall be viewed as gates, which lead the readers further on. Do your gates look inviting? They will, if you do the following:

  • Learn the Reader’s Expectations

Although introduction consists of only a few sentences, it sets up a mood for the whole reading. What shall the mood be? This depends on what the readers want. Do they want more optimism about the issue discussed? Do they want the bold ugly truth? Do they expect for someone to share their grief and provide condolence? Being flexible enough to give the readers what they want is a priceless quality, so grow it in yourself. Do the research and find out what shall be included in your introduction.

  • Always Give a Foretaste

In the opening section of your paper, remember to hint at the main ideas that the readers are about to encounter. In other words, give them a guaranty that later in the article, they will find both important and fascinating information. However, do not give too many details – just a foretaste.

  • Promise to Show More Later

The readers must be begging for more. After reading your opening paragraph, they have to be excited to read the next one. This is similar to the art of seduction: you show a little bit, but the audience know that if they go on reading, they will discover more and more.

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Step 3: Present Information Efficiently

For all those wondering how to write a blog successfully, there is a universal rule: every article should be useful and well presented. This means keeping a balance between the monotonous research information and shortcut sentences with barely any message in them, lengthy explanations and bold sets of facts, lyrical writing and dry statistics. We offer three rules for a perfect organization of your article:

  • Organize Information Visually

Your article should be informative, but to an extent that is easy to handle. Use lists, bullet points, sections with subheadings, tables and charts to present a visually convenient content for the readers. Besides, such organization of the text is easier to navigate.

  • Avoid Being Predictable

The biggest mistake of those who have no idea how to write a blog article is following the example of other bloggers, which makes their writing lack originality. Refuse from the traditional forms of writing, unless you want the audience to get bored quickly.

  • Strong Openings and Closings

Think through every first and last sentence of each paragraph, as they are what it will take to lure your readers into reading further. Every opening and closing sentence should be parts of one chain, which leads the audience down the webpage. Therefore, avoid empty statements and space fillers: make sure your chain consists of steel strong elements.

Step 4: Motivate the Readers

Whatever you are writing about, the only thing that cannot be allowed is indifference in your readers. You need to bond with them emotionally, leave them with a feeling of inspiration, confidence and motivation. Reading your articles must give them new ideas and visions, which will keep them interested in your blog in general. Become the source of motivation for them – and they are all yours.

Step 5: Make It Impeccable

Besides the basic rules of composing a blog article, there are several details that should not be overlooked. The tips below will help you to polish your post and make sure it will serve you well.

  • Add Bright Ideas

Show the discussed issue from new perspectives; give the readers a fresh look at the subject. Let the bright insights be the injections of sensation in your text.

  • Address Burning Issues

Staying away from the most painful and controversial issues is rather sensible and diplomatic, but it will never bring you dedicated readers. Shoot at the risky zones, discuss edgy questions, and you will win the readers’ trust and dedication. If you will not address the burning issues, they will find information about them elsewhere, so just go for it!

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  • Appeal to Emotions

Objectively, blog posts should be easy and entertaining, which is enough for most bloggers. But in reality, to make the readers remember you, follow your profile, save your post and google you, you have to reach their emotions. Sympathy, fear, surprise, helplessness, excitement – anything will do, and remember that the negative emotions sell just as well as the positive ones.

  • Show Your Position

Being neutral is a major rule of classic journalism. In contrast, blogging requires expressing a clear attitude towards something. You can be firm, certain, even radical, and your position will have its supporters and its haters. Both will work for you, just as long as they will discuss your posts, right?

  • Get Rid of the Superfluous

While revising your article, feel every sentence and make sure it is relevant, strong and absolutely necessary for the story. In case the formulation is weak, the sentence is meaningless, or the idea is vague, – remove the sentence without any hesitation. To achieve the level of impeccable writing, you need to throw away anything that is less than perfect. Remember that the quality of information is far more valuable than its quantity.

  • Give Credits

While discussing a particular topic, make sure to refer to the sources you took information from. First of all, this will increase the credibility of your information and gain a higher level of trust among your readers. Secondly, it will show the amount of research you have made while preparing your article, which will leave an impression of a well-prepared material. And finally, you will not be perceived as Mr. Smarty Pants, who knows it all as if from the very birth. All in all, giving credits to proper sources is both fair and beneficial for you.

Bonus Tip

If you go through all the steps mentioned in this article, you will definitely end up knowing how to write a blog professionally. However, at some point in your career, you may lack time for preparing outstanding blog posts. Alternatively, you may simply get tired from blog writing, as it requires constant work and total focus. In this case, you can delegate a part of work to professional writing services and receive original articles right when you need them.

To have your paper written by a trustworthy company, all you need to do is go to and fill in the order form. While describing what is needed, you can simply type: “write an article for my blog”, and provide the topic. This writing service guarantees delivering an excellent article on time, and all your preferences and comments will be taken into consideration.

Today, the sphere of blog writing is one of the most promising and quickly developing. To achieve success in this business, you must be prepared professionally, intellectually and technically. Knowing the psychology of your target audience is also required, just like with selling any other product. That is why, keep growing, try new approaches, be innovative, think creative, and your blog will prosper in the nearest future!

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