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6 Important Advantages of Reading

Everyone knows that reading is an enjoyable hobby. But have you heard that it can also prevent you from succumbing to Alzheimer’s, reduce stress, create friendships, and even stave off depression? The brain activity involved in it is completely different from any other absorption of information. Nothing like in TV, radio, or looking at pictures.

Here are six primary benefits of reading.

  1. Read while working out
    • Let’s admit it, working out is boring. This is why we always listen to music or podcasts while training. However, exercise machines have a book ledge for a reason. Try to read some text, it can add to your stamina. If you truly captive by an interesting read, you might decide to stay on the treadmill for a while longer, just to see how the chapter ends.
  2. Reading helps you retain cognitive functions well into old age
    • Despite how long we’ve had them with us, all of the effects of it are still largely unexplored. One of the most important ones for senior citizens is the fact that people engaging in intellectual activities are more than 30% more likely to retain their brain power. It is similar to exercising a muscle in a way because when you read, you activate your comprehension, imagination, and memorization functions all at once. Other useful pursuits include playing chess or figuring out puzzles.
  3. Reading can alleviate the daily stress from your life
    • Anxiety is an inseparable part of modern life. However, that does not mean we shouldn’t try to do our best to relax. A recent study had proven that it is far superior at tamping down stress to read than to play computer games or to listen to music. It mostly affects the production of unhealthy hormones, such as cortisol.
  4. Reading expands your eloquence
    • If you ever lamented not having a broad enough vocabulary, reading often is something you should consider. People can learn up to 15% of their lexicon by this method. If you are a student preparing for SAT, this may be especially pertinent, because words learned in context are easier to remember.
  5. Reading can teach you to be more empathetic
    • It is rare for people to fully assume the points of view of others. This is the reason why there’re so much cruelty and misunderstanding in the world. Reading and getting invested in characters can help you accept the perspectives of others more easily. It can even teach you to comprehend the feelings of your friends and family.
  6. Reading can help you with feelings of alienation and isolation
    • Real-world relationships are complicated and don’t always work out. If you are in a period of your life when loneliness is starting to get to you, you can simply pick up a book. The emotions that you get from reading are no less valuable than those from real interactions. Moreover, reading about certain topics can create an impression of inclusion that you might use to connect to others.

Reading is an enjoyable activity that can brighten your life and make you a happier person.

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